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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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test, test, test, test, test, test, test test >> good afternoon. welcome to
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the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday's july 16th. madam clerk please call the role (calling names) mr. president, >> there's a guy named mary over here. >> my apologizes (laughter) >> mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you. i'm glad all of us are here and laij can you join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. colleagues we have our june 11th board meeting can you have a motion to approve those minutes arrest without objection. madam clerk any communications >> i have none items one through 11 are routine. >> colleagues would any one like to sever any of those items. >> on items 1 through 11. supervisor yee
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(calling names) there are 11 yes, sir, i's. madam clerk call our proposed budget for f y neo 13 to fourteen and fourteen to 15 >> this is prostrate all the budget items and this is the annual budget and a appropriation ordinance. item 14 is a resolution approving the treasury border authority and this is for the office of community and sfoo san in a principle amount not to exceed 26.13 million and the next item is the certification
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that the projects can be performed by similar services from contractors if lower >> and madam clerk why don't you call the other items 20 through 37. >> item 20 is the ordinance praufrl and authorizing a lease between the city and the boo tangible gardens in golden gate park in a two terms admissions and waving the fee for certainty entities. item 21 is an ordinance amending the code revising the city administrators fund for a memorial fund in cultural endowment fund.
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item 22 is the ordinance amendment the videodisk fees and scanning the reproduction foists for the city purposes. and this is to delegate certain decision of shutter bonds and this is to modify when the controller is to conduct varies budget. item 25 is the ordinance amendment the administration code for the public payee services to $39. more and this is to amend the code to adjust document fees and adding a fee for new services. item 27 amending the code to
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create a library gift fund and item 28 is an ordinance to remove certain allocations of the hotel tax. item 29 is an ordinance to amend the fire code for certain fire department's fees and the next is to set the rate for health care. and colleagues i suspect there's some interest in citizenship the items to the auditorium. i suggest we discuss items 12 through 16 and items 20 to 37 expect for item 31. thank you, president chiu. colleagues i'm excited to be
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here today with my budget colleagues to have our two year budget in front of us for the fiscal year 2013 and fourteen. i want to thank a lot of folks for the hard work. first of all, my colleagues on the committee supervisor mar and a huge thanks to supervisor air force versus and one of the best parts of the budget process was to work together to thank you >> supervisor breed and supervisor wiener and everyone's total commitment to make our recommendations. i want to thank the mayor for his budget that he proposed and kate howard for all your incredible hard work.
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and for the controllers office to our budget office and harvey rose for all your hard work and our city attorney for the board of supervisors and the community leaders who were involved. and be specifically, my staff katherine and this took everyone thoughtful board he, he and didn't i didn't know how appreciative i am. and now we've passed out amaze at the budget and finance committee we skuktd in passing a $7.9 billion budget and it wasn't that late into the night but in particular i want to mention to me this reflects
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after a dozen town hauls and other districts i do think the budget reflects the proprietors of all san francisco and really built on mayor lee's budget. we achieved fully fuvend all the hiv funding services and opening the new club hours in every district and a $2 million for workforce training and 2 million in services and adding two fire academy classes and adding new gardensers and additional family friendly services and enhancing our homeless services as well as for the seniors. we added a record amount of fund to protect cabins the economic
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downturn in our city. everyone was involved in the process and particularly on the budget and finance committee and really our delineation to the residents of san francisco and hopefully everyone i got today >> expect for the botanical issues any other comments? >> thank you, president chiu. first of all, i want to congratulate chair farrell on the great budget process and working with all the board of supervisors to craft a budget it advances board agenda believe upon the mayor's budget. i think that the budget that the mayor presented to the board of supervisors was a really great budget and we love the proprietors we've gathered in
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our work and in the townhalls to make sure there was an added voice in this budget. but the process you had set up chair farrell was one that was really, really great and i really made sure we all had an equal voice in the process. this budget advances you you know the cause of the support services for hiv aids patients and people living with hiv and aids. at any time our recognition san francisco recognition as a compassionate city where we work with the hiv and aids community that's effected by the epidemic. we do so much more. this is the first budget we actually allocating funds for
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the affordable howard's. we have funding for down payment assistance and to protect homeowners against foreclosure and we're able to pass that without conflict-free. there was a lot of funding for after school programs this is an to confirmation mary and many of the supervisors had a lot of support for. i thank you for your advocacy. most of all this is a budget that works for all of san francisco and that's something we should be proud of today. i want to thank the mayor's office kate howard and the controllers office and particularly monique and the
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budget analysts mr. john and victor young as the clerk of the committee. and i want to thank all the aids from other offices to make sure we could build a priority for all our needs. i particularly want to thank my staff from my office and our fifth aid david who helped a lot. thank you all i think it's a proud moment for our city to advance a budget. >> supervisor mar. >> as a first, he member of the budget committee i never realized how much work but i want to thank kate and harvey rose and deborah and others for the incredible work. chair farrell did an incredible
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job involving all of us and thank you for everything. i never acknowledge my staff enough. nick coordinated with the labor unions weighing in on every line item and thank you supervisor avalos putting the priorities at the questioning of all departments and making sure we got thoughtful and meaningful information. i want to say i want it's a strong budget connotations were made and from a city standpoint it is fair and equitable. i'm pleased for a lot of the great budget items for district one but i also wanted to is it's not a perfect budget i wish we
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could have done a lot more and it increases to the nonprofit workers. there's a significant increase but i wish we could have done better base i want that people in the nonprofit organizations around the city deserve much better. and the most vulnerable in our community whether or not their immigrants or african-american communities i think the budget addresses the job training and workforce program but also the cabinet community and the homeless folks and many others needing for housing were addressed in the budget as well speaker lastly, i wanted to thank my asian pacific islanders on this board for standing strong with the asian pacific council it stooped with a strong voice for the many asians and
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pacific islanders so thanks all supervisors for the process and i learned a lot through this and i feel we've got a great budget i'm proud to support today >> supervisor campos. i >> i want to thank the spent e extended committee thank you to each and every one of you and supervisor avalos and supervisor mar and breed and let's see supervisor wiener, of course. having been on budget a couple times i know how much work is takes so thank you to each one of your 5 offices and staff. and chair farrell i've seen many budget processes since i've got
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here and congratulations for the smooth efforts. i want to note i think what's amazing about this budget it really strikes a balance to make sure we're taking care of the nuts and bolts making sure we're funding infrastructure throughout the city neighborhood needs that specific districts have and i i know there are a number of us funded projects throughout our respective districts but i think this decide about be run well, because we funded those basic nuts and bolts services but at the same time we were able to do that and at the same time protect the needs of certain community and i want to know as an openly gay man, i want to thank the entire board of supervisor